Dairy meal menu


Breads & Fukaches + Dips: Tahini, Pesto, Olive Tapand + Pickles

Salad Bar (5 salads to choose from)

Green Salad - Assortment of leaves, patches, apple strips, apricots, almond chips in mustard and honey sauce

Mediterranean Salad - tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, chickpeas, roasted pita, in tahini sauce

Tabula salad - burgundy, parsley, mint, celery, nuts, cranberries, lemon sauce and olive oil.

Caprese salad - tomatoes, onions, basil, mozzarella cheese, lemon sauce and olive oil.

Cabbage salad - cabbage, peas, green onions, almond chips, in Asian sauce.

Health Salad - Baby leaves, sprouted black lentils, wheat, sweet potato, olive oil and lemon nuts.

Baba Gnoshe - roasted eggplant boats in homemade tahini sauce

Pasta salad - pasta pasta, black olives, roasted red pepper, corn, mushrooms, in pesto sauce

Oriental tomato salad - tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic, lemon.

Greek salad - tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, purple onion, black olives, Bulgarian cheese

Main course (2 dishes to choose from)

Salmon in almond crust, thyme and olive

Kish sweet potato in cream + Kish mushroom in cream

Pasta in tomato / pesto / cream sauce

Extras (3 courses to choose from)

Anti-pasty season vegetables are roasted

White rice with onions, raisins and almond chips

Majdara- freaks and black lentils

Potatoes in the oven with olive oil and herbs

Dessert (2 to choose from)


Cream cake

seasonal fruit


Light drinks, wine, hot drinks at the end of the meal, bread selection, pita.

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