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My name is Michal Peretz. The great passion of my life is to travel and gather experiences, I love people and love to host, so I decided to combine my loves and turn the hobby into a business.


After wandering around the country and around the world, I decided to return to Arad, my hometown, and the house where I grew up and opened a guesthouse.


Later and naturally, the business evolved to provide companion services to guests and travelers in the area: I guide tours - all over the country with specialization in the southern region. I do jeep tours - a jeep owner with a permit to transport a chartered passenger.

I do home-based catering and delicious dinners in the guesthouse or grounds for groups of up to 100 diners.


And in order to complete the experience, I decided to leverage my skills, connections and familiarity with the special tourist sites and attractions in the area and I market and organize group trips.


The greatest satisfaction in my life is making connections ... connecting people to nature, connecting people to people and connecting people to themselves

The Desert provides wonderful décor for processes:

The distant spaces remind us of how small we are and how smaller our problems are.


Silence helps us to listen to our inner voice, to relax and to gain insights, the unknown provides the excitement.


And any activity done in the space, starting from a relaxing yoga workshop, hiking, or extreme talking with friends or family will be remembered as an unforgettable experience.


I think this is the most beautiful landscape in the world, I still go on trips but always happy to return to my home in the desert.


Realize my great passion, inspire, and help people create special experiences.

Your vacation is my opportunity!

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