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Jeep trips

Desert bird organizes guided jeep tours, providing a special field experience. With the jeeps we reach magical places, pools and breathtaking views. You can also incorporate rappelling, as well as  meals during the trip. With one jeep or a long caravan, sunrise or sunset trips, moonlight trips, all that's left is to choose a route and get ready to get excited. All jeeps have desert use licenses and driver's licenses for chartered passengers. Our experienced drivers and professionals will make your trip an empowering experience

ערד- נחל צאלים - בריכת צפירה / שעתיים

Arad- Tze'elim River - z'efira pool / two hour 

We will leave Arad, through the Zealot Valley, at the beginning of the trip we will take a look to the dead sea and from there, on a field trip over the Rahaf wadi, we will pass by an ancient Cistern for storing rainwater, crossing the valley and winding the brooks of T'zalim wadi to the pool of T'zifra. We'll climb and go up to a magical pool at the top of the T'salim waterfall.

נווה זהר- נחל סדום- מישור עמיעז - הר סדום – נחל פרצים / שעתיים

Neve Zohar- Nahal Sodom- Mishor Ami'az - Mount Sodom - Nahal Pratzim / two hour


We will explore the lowest elevation on earth. Our route will begin at a stream called Nahal Zohar, slowly moving on the winding channel of Nahal Sodom, next to lumps of salt and the vast views of Huwar Tongue. Further up the stream we will reach Mishor Ami'az, an expansive plateau bounded by Mount Sodom at the edge of the northern Negev. We will overlook the Sodom Mountain towards the Moab Mountains and the Dead Sea while hearing about the formation of the African Syrian rift. Then we will descend through Pratzim Creek to the starting point.

ערד-  מיצד חתרורים -  ראש מעלה בוקק- צוק תמרור 4 שעות

Arad – to Hatruim Fortress and then head up Ma'ale Bokek - 4 hour traffic sign

 Let's start our journey by driving along the Limes Line, which is the southern boundary of the Roman Empire, stopping to explore one of the fortresses along the way, continuing to Wadi Parsah until you discover an amazing view of the rift valley, where the vast Bokek Creek lies below, Crossing the rivers and heading for Route 31 near the road sign.

ערד- ראש הר- נחל חימר  4 שעות

Arad to Zohar Mountain  Range and Haimar Wadi -  4 hours

Leaving Arad, we begin our hike on the climb to Rosh Zohar with a view of the eastern Negev ridges, continuing on the route to Viper Road (258) and descend to the path of Nahal Haimar. Our journey on the northern bank of the creek will soon lead us to impressive scenery above the Nahal Haimar Canyon. The Israeli Grand Canyon where we will see desert vegetation. After some interesting crossings and observation stops along the Chalamish Nahal Canyon we will exit onto Route 3k to Arad and the starting point


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