Desert bird the guesthouse

The Desert Bird is a piece of heaven at the edge of the Judean desert in Arad.

In the middle of the week, you can book a room in the house or a bed in a common room, meet travelers and other guests in the complex, on weekends and holidays You can enjoy exclusivity by booking the entire villa for family or small groups. he rooms are clean, comfortable and cozy, and the emphasis is on the special design of the public spaces.

 Who is the guesthouse suitable for?
  •  For travelers and backpackers, individuals, couples and families seeking accommodation at a reasonable price.

  •  For private events such as a bachelorette party, birthdays or workshops.

  •  For families and small groups looking for a pleasant place to spend time together.

  •  For cyclists and jeeps who are looking for a place to indulge in challenging routes.

  •  For staff who are looking for a special place to have a conference including our tourism services


About the region

​ The “Desert Bird” guest house is located in the desert city of Arad, at the top of a ridge 600 meters above sea level, at the gateway to the Judean and Negev deserts. Arad is a city with 25,000 inhabitants, characterized by a diverse population, a cool and slow rhythm of life and pastoral quietness.


  • From Arad you can depart on several trails with different difficulty levels, enjoying the biblical views on foot, by jeep or mountain bike (it is possible to hire bikes). Masada, a world heritage site, is a mere 20 minutes drive from Arad.

  • You can visit and bathe in the Dead-sea, the lowest place on earth (25 minutes away).

  • You can visit Ein-Gedi or Ein-Bokek oasis, and see many animals coming to drink from the fresh water spring that provides water year round.

  • You can go up to the Yatir Forest (the largest planted forest in Israel) and walk through the ruins of ancient settlements 2,500 year old and synagogues in the forest. 



During the day the climate in Arad is hot and dry, yet cool in the evening even in the midst of summer, warm clothes are advised. In winter, if you are lucky, you can see floods after several hours of rain, and when spring comes the desert transforms and becomes lush with green growth. During summer, when it is very hot outside, we tend be active in the early hours of the morning (sunrise over Masada), or the evenings (an evening bath in the Dead-Sea)

I consider it a great privilege and mission to be the ambassador of Arad, to establish a new character of hospitality and tourism, and to believe in offering the great possibilities of tourism in and around the city.


I have visited many places in the world, and I think this is the most beautiful landscape, But that's just my opinion, welcome to come, visit, stay and be impressed with yourself.


Questions and Answers


How to get there


Our address: Barkat 28 Arad, Postal Code 89067

Arrival is very simple from anywhere in Israel, and includes no more than two buses.

All major cities include a direct bus to Be'er Sheva and from there a bus to Arad.

From Arad terminal to the guesthouse there is an internal bus line (1/11)

Every 20 minutes, in advance, we can pick you up from Arad Terminal.
For those who like walking, it will take 20 minutes from the entrance to the city to us.

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