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Planning and carrying out hiking in Israel in general and in the desert in particular, for every audience and event ... from family trips that combine hiking and outdoor cooking, through multi-day trips,  including sleeping outdoor, private tours including a vehicle for tourists, city tours including getting to know the local area, Artists, entrepreneurs, and unique activities, I invite you to join me. (Language of instruction: Hebrew and English)

ספארי עקרבים

Scorpion Safaris

We Meet in the evening and go on a walking tour, equipped with ultraviolet lanterns (which we supply) We advise you to wear long pants and hiking boots or shoues as we look for scorpions that glow in the special light..

We will discover a new world of life that comes to life when we sleep.

Includes stories, explanations and lots of adrenaline. At the end of the activity you make pita on a fire. Suitable for families, adventurers, nature lovers - no danger in the tour. Duration: About two and a half hours * Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Suitable for anyone who walks

טיול לנחל צאלים עליון

Trip to the Upper Tze'elim stream

A footpath of about 6 km

Circular route to the Upper Tsalim stream. Exit from the Bedouin village of Kfar Nokdim to an ancient water cister.  From there we continue to Mount Zafira, and then to the channel of Nahal Tsalim. If it has rained recently we will see and hear streaming water as it courses quickly through the desert. From there we will return to Kfar Nokdim on a dirt road. Medium difficulty

אל המעין..בנחל בוקק

To the En Bokek Spring in the Bokek River

Leaving Arad on a Half-Hour Trip We will drive to the springs of the Bokek River, a special little oasis. There we will hear how the Judean Desert was created, learn about the Dead Sea, learn about the condition of the Dead Sea, and enjoy the beauty of the desert. and soon reach the flowing water in the desert. If we are lucky, we will be able to see wildlife such as the desert ibex.  We will wash in the refreshing pools before returning to the car. .

סיור עירוני בערד

Arad city tour

People and scenery at the edge of the desert

Arad is a small city with 28,000 inhabitants, with a unique and fascinating human texture. Arad is located at the top of a ridge, surrounded by desert on all sides. To get an idea, we will start our tour at the Mitzpe Moab vantage point and from there continue our tour of beautiful sights and artists' homes. We will pass by writer Amos Oz's home and hear how he was inspired by the desert. We will also learn about the city's establishment in the early 1960s..


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