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​Your vacation is my challenge!

​ Greetings.  I welcome you to the Desert Bird in Arad and the special desert region surrounding it. 

Your vacation is my opportunity to share my knowledge of this area.  Here is some background information which you may find of interest.

I created Desert Bird in 2015 after twenty-five years of work in numerous capacities in tourism.

I am a landlady, with a bachelor's degree in Israel studies and a master's degree in hotel management. I was raised in Arad but have been gone for decades until deciding that this is where I would love to live. So I took all my experience, connections, skills and courage and created Desert Bird, a sanctuary that offers you everything you will need for an amazing desert vacation.

Guest house desert Bird can accommodate up to twenty guests.  We offer excursions such as guided hikes, tours by jeep deep into the desert, lectures, and catering which explores

Bedouin-Moroccan-Middle Eastern cuisine.

Tell me how many days you have and I will custom design an itinerary for you.

I love what I do and do what I love.

Come, visit, have fun and enjoy, Michal​

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